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Achapurunggu 5 years ago
Who's the girl at 7:09? The one with the green shirt.
sugoiii 5 years ago
Man i love this anime
Mt. Neverslip 5 years ago
every scene is just like one of my japanese animes
shen 5 years ago
I need video name and girl name at 1:02
chris 6 years ago
Anyone know the girl in green shirt´s name. She hot.
BLack mask 5 years ago
Hhhhhhhhhhhhh it is not very good
Bob ross 5 years ago
we don't make mistakes we make happy accidents
Oh yeah 5 years ago
Her name? 5 years ago
The name of the girl at 7:09?
Dickydick 6 years ago
What's the name of the full video 0:24 into the video